air freight

When time is of the essence, your consignment can be delivered quickly by utilising our air freight service. Air freight is generally renowned for being expensive, but it should be noted that that on some smaller volumetric consignments it can be more economical than sea freight.

We use the world’s scheduled passenger and cargo airlines to provide an excellent alternative for heavier, less time sensitive shipments. Services are time definite with cost saving options and trackable.

Freight House Logistics can offer airfreight on the basis of door-to-door, door-to-airport and airport-to-airport. These are tailored to the customer’s requirements. We can also offer customs clearance in overseas destinations via our selected partners.

When sending your items by air we will usually be able to supply you with all the details of transit; airway bill numbers, airline/handling agent, flight details etc, 2 to 4 working days after we receive your shipment. However, we will not release any information until payment has been made in full (cleared funds). The local agent of the airline carrier will generally notify the addressee of the shipment’s arrival at destination Airport. Air freight shipments can take between 3 and 14 days depending on the destination and the level of service you choose.

The cost of sending your baggage via air freight is determined by the total weight of your goods. However, if you have larger outsized items, for example surfboards and bicycles, the cost may be determined by the size rather than the weight, as these goods will take up more space in the aircraft.

Airport Only

With our Airport Uncleared service, your goods will be sent to the arrival destination airport uncleared. Once your goods arrive you must arrange to collect your baggage personally from the destination terminal. You must clear the baggage through customs and settle all destination charges, which may include customs duty, sales taxes, customs clearance, terminal fees, airline charges, agent fees and quarantine charges (where applicable).

Express – Airport Uncleared

When the required time scale outweighs the costs, our Express – Airport Uncleared service may be for you. As with our Air – Airport Uncleared service you must clear your baggage through customs and settle any destination charges, which may include customs duty, sales taxes, customs clearance, terminal fees, airline and agent fees and quarantine charges (where applicable).

Air – Door

This is our full service door to door product, from the time we pick up your baggage to the time it is delivered to your destination address, we handle everything. All clearance and delivery charges are pre-paid in the UK, only any extraordinary charges incurred (i.e. bonded storage, customs detention, local customs duty or sales taxes) will be charged to your account.
(Please note: All door to door deliveries are to kerb-side only unless otherwise arranged.)

The transit time for our express service is usually 3 to 5 days depending on the destination.

If you intend for someone else to collect your baggage you MUST provide us with a letter of authority with the named individual prior to shipment. We have no control over foreign customs services who might undertake searches or charge duties/taxes at their discretion.
(Please Note: In some countries you must collect and clear your goods personally.)

security handling

NB: All baggage sent by air requires a fully completed security declaration form to comply with the stringent requirements of UK and International Law. Please complete carefully as it is a legal document and the consequences of misdeclaration under the (UK) 1990 Aviation and Maritime Security Act (and/or similar legislation in other jurisdictions) could be severe.

We cannot accept the following goods by for shipment by air, sea, or road: aerosols, batteries, explosives, corrosives, firearms and ammunition, radioactive material, perfume, pressurised or unpressurised cylinders and/or similar type containers, paint, fuel and/or fuel tanks, or weapons of any description, etc.

Baggage containing such items may be subject to delay and extra charges, which will be debited to the sender’s account.

Please note that your baggage may be subject to x-ray and/or hand search at the complete discretion of our own security staff and airline or airport security. A twenty four hour security holding period is mandatory.

Please note we have no control over foreign Customs Services or Local Authorities, who may undertake surcharges, or charge Duty, Tax, Quarantine or other fees, at their discretion, and in accordance with local regulations.